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Nutrient Analysis

Nutrient analysis can be used by various industries.  The analysis is generated using one of the most comprehensive databases available.  It contains over 22,000 food items with data from more than 1,200 scientific sources.  This database coupled with my professional experience provides you with the most accurate and up to date nutritional analysis available.

A choice of nutritional reports are available based upon your needs. There are up to 122 nutrients and other factors which can be analyzed to customize your reports.

We also provide laboratory analysis.

The analyses can be used for:

Food Products

An analysis can be generated for all mandatory and/or voluntary nutrients for the Nutrition Facts Panel. When generating a computerized analysis, it is based on ingredients and quantity of ingredients. The laboratory anlaysis is based on actual samples of your product. (See Labeling.)


Nutrition analysis is used in cookbooks, magazines, newsletters, and restaurant menus, allowing consumers to evaluate recipes for their dietary needs.

The basic analysis consists of calories, protein, fat, calories from fat,
carbohydrates, cholesterol, and sodium.  But there are over 100 additional
nutrients that can be selected from.

Recipes can be evaluated to determine what terms may be used to describe
the level of a specific nutrient.  For example: "low fat" "reduced sodium," "good source of calcium," etc.


Analysis can also be used for the dietary intake of an individual.

A personalized diet analysis is based on a three day diet record in
which you record everything you consume for three days.  This is analyzed for over 60 nutrients including fat, calories, protein, carbohydrates,
cholesterol, sodium, etc.

Along with the computer generated analysis, you will receive a personalized booklet of suggestions on how to improve your diet and lifestyle.

This service is available by phone consultation and all materials are sent
by mail.

This is also available for doctors who would like to implement nutrition
intervention into their practice but do not have the need for a full time


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